Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 Months

Ahh Gavin. Where did you come from? God dropped you into our lives straight from heaven. Sounds cheesy, but completely how your daddy and I feel. You are SUCH an angel. You are constantly, constantly happy and smiling. I'm not talking about a normal, cordial smile. I'm talking about a wide open mouth smile, almost a laugh. You look excited most of the time! (Nana says you get that from me, btw. :))

It is such a joy to be your Mommy. I love seeing your smiling face first thing in the morning, all day long and last thing before I go to sleep. I love that you're so quick to smile, not only at me, but at everyone. Everyone you meet, loves you. I love looking at you while you nurse. You look back at me and smile even while you're nursing. It melts me. You're so easy to love.

You laugh when I kiss in between your neck and your cheek. You laugh at Evan and study him all the time. You reach your little hands up to touch my face. You're grasping at toys. You love linkadoos (little round rings you can hold and bite on). You "talk" back to me with "ahh's" and "ga's". You blow bubbles with your lips. You roll over in both directions. You are 16 lbs. !!! You got 3 shots today and it was the worst day ever for both of us. :( :( :( Nothing makes me sadder than to see you cry like that. You are so happy that it's painful when you actually cry. You think baths are alright, but could do without them. ;) You loooove getting your diaper changed. lol You don't really care for baby food at this point. You sleep so perfectly in your baby swing. You sleep from 8 pm to 6 am. You don't like pacifiers. You have always been strong when it comes to holding your head up. You have great control of your head and neck and can stay on your belly for long periods, just looking around at everything. You only cry a little bit if you're hungry, sleepy or have a blow-out diaper. You love when I kiss your belly. You're surprisingly ticklish!

Your big brother can't wait for you to play with him. He brings you his Matchbox cars and wants you to play. He always wants you to sit beside him on the couch and watch Mickey with him. You always oblige. :) Actually, you're pretty fond of Mickey Mouse yourself. He brings you toys to play with and even asks to hold you ever so often. Although I did catch him pulling you across the floor by your legs the other day. And he always tries to lay on top of you and give you hugs. Oh and I can't forget to mention how much he loves your feet. He WON'T leave them alone. Every chance he gets, he's playing with them, putting them on his face, etc. I'll talk to him about that. ;)

You are so, so, SO loved. I didn't know I could be this in love with a baby. You make my world so happy. I don't want you to get a second older. I love having you as my baby. I soak you up. I just inhale you over and over again every time I hold you. There's no love that compares to a mother's love for her baby. You're my proof. You will laugh at this one day and make fun of me and you'll probably never understand just how much I love you. But let this be the start of me trying to tell you with words.

Forever your Mommy. xoxoxoxo

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gavin stats

Born: April 1, 2010 at 1:16 pm
Weighed: 7 lbs. 9.9 oz
Length: 18.5 inches

Pushed 5 times, great APGAR scores. I got to look down and actually see him come out...I'll never forget that moment.

Looked at me and smiled at 10 days old.
Smiled consistantly at 5-6 weeks old.
Laughed out loud at 6.5 weeks old.
Started sleeping in 5 hour stretches consistantly (often longer) at 5-6 weeks.
Started holding his head up for many seconds at 5 weeks old. Has great control of his head and eye focus.
Started sucking on his hands at 7 weeks.
Only cries when sleepy, hungry or dirty diaper.

Major differences from Evan:
Doesn't take a paci.
Doesn't like bottles.
Sleeps on tummy ALL the time, hates laying on his back.
Loves watching Evan....his eyes follow Evan whenever he's near.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

37.5 Weeks - In the home stretch!

The first part of this pregnancy seemed to last forever with all the non-stop morning sickness, but boy, this last trimester has flown by. I can't believe I only have 16 days left (at most). Time really started flying when, at my last appointment, Dr. Trabue told me he thought I'd have Gavin before the end of March and if not, he'd induce me on April 2. From the second those words came out of his mouth, my entire body accepted the fact that this is the end and I haven't had an ounce of energy. Gavin's definitely dropped and sleeping isn't fun any more.

I try to imagine holding Gavin in my arms for the first time and bringing him home to our new house. But it's still hard to believe we're going to have a new little Meisner in just a matter of days. I think Evan's even excited. I'm pretty sure he's tired of me explaining that the baby's in my tummy every time he asks, "Where baby? Where baby?" And get this...Evan even says Gavin's name! The remarkable part about that is that Evan won't even say his OWN name. He will say just about any other word, but I can't get him to say "Evan"...but he'll say "Gavin". So cute. Gavin's carseat's been in my car for weeks, ready to go. His nursery is ready, clothes washed and ready to wear, diaper bag's been packed, everyone's hospital/overnight bags have been packed too. We're just waiting!

I wonder if Dr. T is right this time about me going into labor on my own. We're all prepared for that to happen, but you just never know. I keep wondering if my water will break when I'm in Target or something crazy. But something tells me I'll probably end up getting induced again just like last time. I also wonder if Gavin's gonna come running out...this kid is active! Babies usually slow down in the last trimester, but he moves around so much sometimes that it's hard to walk. I have to literally stand still and wait for him to calm down so I can take a step. I'm dialated to 3 now and 85% effaced, but just like last time, that doesn't necessarily mean crap! Although cramps and pelvic pain have woken me several times in the night, so maybe, just maybe I will go into labor on my own this time. At first I didn't want to because I was scared, but now, I'm thinking it may be better than being induced. It's all in God's hands. I'm deliberating choosing not to think about the delivery AT ALL. It will be what it will be. No sense in trying to play it out in my mind. Fears of Evan's delivery always flood my mind and steal my joy, so I refuse to let that happen any more. Plus everyone says that every delivery is different, every baby is different. So one thing I know for sure...this delivery won't be like my first one!

Gavin Harrison, we can't wait to meet you, Angel. xoxo

Saturday, March 6, 2010

35 Weeks

Wow, I've really slacked off on blogging this pregnancy. I've been too busy nesting with not only the baby's room, but the whole house.

We decided a few weeks ago to name baby #2 Gavin Harrison Meisner. Gavin has always been a favorite of mine (and once again, the only name we could agree on) and Harrison is a Meisner family name. Steve's grandpa is Charles Harrison and there are several other men in Steve's family with that middle name. It's been really difficult picking a name this time. I hesitated with Gavin because it's so much like Evan, I felt like they'd get confused when I'm calling them. Our other top choices were Ian and Ethan, but after thinking about those names over and over again, I still liked Gavin the best. For the record Gavin, your dad wanted to name you Paul William Meisner II after your Poppy. But I really wanted to call you by a name that I loved, thus Gavin. We compromised by making Harrison your middle name to still have a family name.

I've actually felt really good this pregnancy once I got past all the sickness of the first 4-5 months. I rarely take naps or slow down. My brain never stops with all I want to do to the house before Gavin arrives. Since we just moved into this house a few months ago, there's so much to do still. But I think we've made excellent progress for the short amount of time.

I feel like I'm smaller with this pregnancy than last, but of course that could all change in the next few weeks. The last ultrasound we had said that Gavin was in the 83rd percentile as far as size goes, leading us to believe he's going to be a big baby, but it just doesn't feel like he's that big inside right now. He's so active. Evan was much calmer in the womb. Gavin moves around a lot. I like it though...each movement lets me know he's still alive and well in there!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

27.5 Weeks

So I'm a few days away from entering into my third trimester and I'm starting to feel it! Baby's getting bigger and putting more pressure on my pelvis and back, but it's all good! I'm pretty sure I've got the full on waddle going on.

Yesterday we got to see the baby via ultrasound because I had low lying placenta and they needed to make sure the placenta moved up to avoid complications. Fortunately the placenta did move up and all is well! I haven't dilated yet either, which was another thing they wanted to check since I dilated early last time. The baby is in the 83rd percentile as far as size goes (who knew they even measured that in utero?). The COOLEST thing was seeing him stick out his tongue and blink his eyes! He did that thing with his mouth that almost all babies do where they open their mouths and kinda flick their tongue or something. Hard to describe but Steve and I both saw it...it was so neat. It made us REALLLLY want to pick a name for this little boy! So we're picking up the pace and trying harder than ever to find a name for him.

Last week Steve finished refinishing Evan's furniture, so now all the nursery furniture is in the baby's room. I have his bed linens all clean and on the crib ready to go. Andrea has given me all the baby toys back that I loaned her and then some. Oh my gosh...all the floor toys I have! At least the baby won't be bored!

I've started going through all Evan's baby clothes, seeing what I have, what I need, washing and organizing them. I'm SO happy I saved a lot of stuff. I got rid of a lot of little clothes, but I have a lot of older clothes for him. Plus now I can justify buying more expensive stuff since two boys will wear them. hehe Actually I *hope* they can share clothes. Their birth months are a few months apart...hope that doesn't mess the sharing clothes thing up.

Santa brought Baby Boo 2 tiny outfits from BabyGap that I'm going to bring him home from the hospital in. They are SO tiny and precious. Grammy bought him a tummy time floor toy for Christmas as well, so he wasn't left out!

It's starting to become more real that we're actually having another baby. We try and imagine how it will be, having two, how this boy will be different than Evan...but it's one of those things that you can't fully get until it happens. We're just praying for a baby that is healthy and eats and sleeps well! We're getting excited. It's going to be so great to have another little baby.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby boy it is!

Well, my intuition was dead wrong. I'm having a boy! I was SURE this baby was a girl because of the entirely different pregnancy (sickness, carrying different, etc). But I am not the least bit disappointed. In fact, I was preparing myself to be a little disappointed if it was a girl because I really wanted Evan to have a brother. If I'd had a girl first, I would have wanted her to have a sister. We are elated that we'll have two little boys chumming around together.

The only thing that's giving us grief is finding a name for him! Oh man, it's hard this time. Steve is set on a particular family name and I am set on another name. Tonight I told him we're both going to have to give up the names we want and find a compromise. Those discussions always end in silence and the TV comes back on. lol I reallllly want to pick a name for him soon so I can start "bonding" with him in my own way. I called Evan "Evan" for months before he was born and I really liked that. I felt like I knew him in some weird way because I'd called him by name so many times. Hopefully we'll agree on a name soon.

Baby Boo is moving around lots now. Steve felt him for the first time about a week ago. I think the sweetest thing on earth has to be feeling your baby move inside your womb. I describe it to Steve as little, tender thumps. It's truly precious.

I broke/cracked my rib last week by coughing too much/long/hard. Who knew that was even possible?? I'd had a sore throat and cough for a week and a half and it got bad the night before Thanksgiving (go figure..right before all the doctor's offices close for 4 days). Coughing brought me to tears several times due to my rib. I didn't know it was cracked, but knew something was really wrong. My doctor's office confirmed it when Monday finally rolled around, but since then it's gotten lots better. It's still very sore and tender, but I don't whince in pain every few minutes.

I note this only because the weirdest things happen to me during pregnancy. Since this blog will go in the baby's book, I have to remind myself of all these weird things! When I was pregnant with Evan, I got some pinched nerve and literally could not sit or bend. I had to stand or lay. After going to the hospital and getting an awful shot where the effects lasted over a year due to her clipping a nerve when she gave it to me, I managed to regain the ability to sit the next day, but not after a painful, exhausting experience. Seriously...who does this stuff happen to???

I'm really praying for the rest of this pregnancy to be healthy as well as an easy delivery and healthy baby! So far our little guy is perfectly healthy, right on track. Despite my pregnancy woes, that's all that really matters.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Comparing belly pics

This is crazy! The first picture is when I was 17 weeks pregnant with Evan. The second picture is current and I'm 18 weeks pregnant with baby 2. My belly is shaped completely different this time! I carried very, very low last time and I'm definitely carrying higher this time. I just thought this was cool. :)

17 weeks pregnant with Evan

18 weeks pregnant with baby 2

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well Dr. Trabue and Andrea think I'm having a boy. Dr. T was wrong last time. Andrea has pretty good intuition. Two more weeks until my ultrasound to find out!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

16 weeks...a girl?

There isn't one single person that thinks I'm having a boy. I'm not sure why that is and it certainly doesn't make it fact, but I'm surprised by the overwhelming "girl" vote. But I think it's a girl too. Guess we'll find out in a few weeks! I've already been exploring boy names and boy decor just in case. I'm prepared either way. My friend Julie gave me all these adorable boy clothes that Evan's just now fitting into. I wouldn't mind having another boy to put in those sweet clothes! And if we have a girl, watch out. A perfect excuse to break the bank! Oh man, that's gonna require some MAJOR self control that I'm not sure I have.

The past 4 days I've had a stomach bug. OMG it's been awful. I just can't seem to catch a break this pregnancy. I barely got over the nausea and now this. I keep telling God that this baby better be a DREAM after this pregnancy! :) I'm so happy to finally be at 16 weeks. It's been a long road already but I'm confident it's going to get better really soon.

We move into our new house in 2 weeks! Sooooo excited and soooo dreading the unpacking. But it will all be worth it. We don't plan to move again for a very, very long time. I can't wait to setup Evan's room, the bonus room and the baby's room. Evan's room is huge...almost as big as our Master. And it connects to the bonus room, which he will love. Sorry little baby, your room's a little smaller, but closer to Mama's room.

I really can't fathom all the changes we're about to go through again. But we're excited about them and we're trying to prepare the best we can. We haven't slowed down since we got married, so why start now?! I'm so looking forward to being close to our church and my MOPS group. And while we'll be father from some family, we have friends in Nolensville, Brentwood and Franklin and some family in Eagleville. I hope that there's great people in our neighborhood...hopefully a good mix of young kids, grandparents, middle agers and a few teenagers that like to babysit! Guess we'll find out soon enough. Let the new adventure begin...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Those ARE kicks!

15 weeks and I definitely felt the baby kick! Ah, so sweet. Brings all the joy to pregnancy. I just told Steve it's a shame men don't get to experience that feeling because it is so magical. Knowing there's a life inside me is surreal. This is when the fun begins.

My belly is definitely looking pregnant too. Last time I was able to conceal it for a few weeks longer, but this time the belly is out! I'm glad though. That's the fun part of pregnancy when people KNOW you're pregnant. I went to a class at the gym the other day and one lady said something to me about being pregnant. It was nice to know that she actually knew I was pregnant rather than chunky. I am literally dying to know if this baby is a boy or girl. I think I'm more anxious to find out this time than last time. I don't care which sex it is, I just want to start planning how I'm going to decorate the room and buying gender specific clothes and blankets!

I worked in the church nursery today. I was in Evan's class. And let me say that he does NOT like it when I hold other kids. This little girl wanted to sit on my lap because she missed her daddy. And Evan acted like I abandoned his love forever! Geez, I'm worried about bringing the new baby home. All my thoughts race to how my niece Chloe pushed her newborn baby brother off the table (he was in a bouncy seat). I know that Ev will get used to it, but something tells me I'm gonna have to work really hard when I first bring home the baby to make sure Evan knows he's still my baby too and I've not deserted him. I know that he'll eventually LOVE having a brother or sister. The kid needs someone to play with desperately!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Are those little kicks?

I believe so. I'm not 100% sure because they're so light, but I'm almost positive that I'm starting to feel the baby kick sometimes. It's early, but I've heard that some women do feel their baby move as early as 14 weeks with their second pregnancy. I hope I start feeling more kicks. This makes it all real.

Just like last time, the beginning of pregnancy is sooo long. You don't have any positive evidence that the baby is actually there. Only negative evidence...nausea and fatigue! Once the bump starts showing a good bit (where people know you're pregnant and not fat), the nausea and fatigue subsides and you start feeling movement, then the fun begins. Thus the much loved, second trimester. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally better?

I don't think I was sick today. Hooray! 14 weeks today. Still got psycho hungry a few times, but I can deal with that. Dying to know if this baby is a boy or girl. Honest to God, I'm thrilled either way. Just want to put a gender on it. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Music to my ears

Today we heard baby's heartbeat steady and strong! The nurse and the doctor both found it on the first try. Last time with Ev, they couldn't find it once and freaked me out. Heartbeat was 156...on the fast side which usually means girl. Then again, they said that last time. :) It was nice that they found it immediately. It's kind of nice knowing what to expect at these appointments this time around. I immediately knew what those loud swish noises were on the doppler...kicks! They sound like karate kicks...amazing that I can't feel them yet. I have a feeling that it won't be much longer until I can feel the baby move though.

My doctor gave me LOTS of options for delivery this time, which was extremely comforting. He said he'd allow me to have the baby up to 10 days early, I could opt for a c-section, I could push for an hour and then go for a c-section, etc. These options were definitely not on the table last time, so I greatly appreciate having them now (especially after a hard delivery last time). Once again he thinks I'll have an easy delivery, but then again, he said that last time.

My next appointment is in a month and hopefully he'll let me have an ultrasound then. He may make me wait another week, but it's exciting to know if we'll be having another boy or a girl! Around that same time, we'll be moving in our new house. So much excitement, I can't contain myself! Happy happy. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am 12 weeks. I'm not supposed to have nausea any more. And night time nausea...what's up with that??!! I want this to end soon so I can try and enjoy being pregnant.

On a happier note, Baby Boo is 2 inches long now. Kinda crazy. I took a picture of my belly today and compared it to my 15 week picture when I was preg with Evan. I'm not looking too bad. Actually I'm smaller now, which shocked me, but I am 3 weeks "less pregnant" after all. The first pic I took last time was at 15 weeks. There for a while I was feeling really fat this time, but it comes and goes. I think it's all the wonderful bloating that this stage entails. I'm so paranoid about getting fat because the 17 lbs I had to lose after I had Evan took me FOREVER to get off. I thought it'd be easier this time to be really strict with myself but I've been so freakin sick that food on my stomach was the only thing that made me feel better. I hope the nausea goes away so I can feel like exercising again. With all that said, I'm happy where I am right now.

Still no girl names picked out. Still favoring one boy name, but no middle name. We have so much on our plate right now with selling the house, we haven't had much time to think about baby names. At least we have a while.

My next dr appt is in a week and a half. Even though I won't get anything exciting like an ultrasound, I'm looking forward to going. It's always exciting to get closer to week 20 when we can find out if it's a boy or girl!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can't sleep

I thought you're supposed to sleep a lot in your first trimester. Not so with me. I'm awake waaay more than before. Ugh I hate this. I'm tired of getting up at 3:30, 4:30 in the morning. I go to bed later and it still doesn't help.

But on the bright side, I'm feeling less nausea now. Can't believe my first trimester is almost over. Hallelujah! Gosh, it's been a long road. We have so much going on right now, that it's hard to grasp the reality that we're having another baby. But there's a girl at my MOPS table that has a newborn. I couldn't help but stare at that baby girl thinking, "Wow, I'm gonna have one of those soon!" I literally couldn't take my eyes off her. It's crazy how you forget just how little newborns are. I think that I'll appreciate the newborn stage this time more than I did with Evan. I was so sleep deprived and overwhelmed that all I could think about was when I'd get sleep again. Now, I'm already used to not sleeping much, so I'm ready.